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Train today. Treat tomorrow.

Get certified in the solution that helps you and your patients breathe easier.

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Our Method

Travel a trusted path getting certified in a solution for TMJ, Airway and prepares cases for airway-friendly orthodontics.  Train today. Treat tomorrow.


No Prior Experience Need

All knowledge and experience levels welcome. Certification includes training your team without increasing workload. 

Easy Implementation

Simple steps to easily implement a new profitable revenue stream in the practice. 

Team Training

Give your team the support to implement a new offering without hitting a wall or feeling frustrated.


Quick Results

We help busy offices integrate an airway program focusing on getting patients treated.


Simple Systems

Every position plays a role supporting the patient and supporting each other. 

Increased Profits

We’ll show you how to increase profits by treating patients already in your system. 

Get Certified

Certify your team in treating dental sleep medicine. 

What You Get 

Team Training Content & Resource Library

Actual patient case review and training with position-specific focus

Membership offered which includes Home Sleep Test cloud software with patient dashboard, continued case support and lab fee discounts.

Our Promise To You


We guide you every step of the way


We give you everything you need from day 1


We help your ENTIRE team get onboard


We make the process clear, simple, and straightforward


We make sure you always have access to our team whenever you need it!

Foundations in Airway gives you the clinical confidence and resources to treat patients

  • Know your role in airway management as a Dental Team and the difference between Sleep Medicine
  • Conversational confidence in common sleep terms and what they mean
  • Begin to see how many in your practice today need your help looking at current statistics and the weight of the problem before us
  • Anatomy review in a way you’ve never thought of before
  • What you need to know about the HST (Home Sleep Test) and PSG (Polysomnogram) review
  • How to begin airway-first treatment planning

Recognizing Risk Factors

Learn how the team can help begin the screening process the moment they walk in the door.

  • The team-driven Airway investigation
  • Begin with health in the TMJ
  • The team-driven Airway Ortho Exam
  • The team-driven Airway Extraoral Exam
  • Uncover the hidden Airway problem as a Dental Team
  • What Esthetics tells us about Airway
  • Recognizing signs and symptoms in children

Establishing a Diagnosis

By aligning the data points and connecting the dots,  learn how to streamline the process to determine medical necessity for treatment and increase case acceptance

  • Preparing to Diagnose
  • Presenting a case to a patient
  • How to align the data
  • The parent interview for a child
  • The Airway consultation

Treat Patients

With the TAO method, you can more quickly identify stages of an airway case and what to do at each phase.

  • Treatment options for children
  • Airway first treatment planning
  • Appliance Therapy
  • Incorporating the AM Aligner
  • Side effects of Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)
  • Understanding CPAP
  • Addressing bite changes
  • Efficacy in Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)


TAO is an eastern term for “path” or “journey”. T.A.O. are the intials that represent the diagnostic journey of a patient with airway issues.  

Training, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning

Clenching and grinding to protect the airway with the body fighting to breathe. 

Recognize signs and symptoms related to airway snoring. 

Grow the airway and improve the anatomy using clear aligners. 


Our program is your program.  Unique to the Dental Industry, this approach is the simple version you’ve been looking for.

How do I know this is for me? Can I do this?  Is my team ready?  Will it be worth it?  We hope you’ll find your answers here . . . but if you’re ready, click below.

How much time does it take to get certified?

Once you qualify and accepted into the program, you can expect to dedicate 2 hours a week for 3 months.  This qualifies you and your team for certification and enterance to the GPS Practice solution program

Will I be learning alone?

No! Our program is designed to surround you with like-minded and collaborative dental team members.  The monthly case reviews are online with those who’ve gone before and sharing best practices.  

How do I get my team onboard?

Our certification program is designed to include the treatment team, get them excited about their part and help them know what to do.

What are the weekly case reviews like?

The TAO method identifies ways that patients may have an airway issue going un-diagnosed or under-treated.  These case reviews teach you how each patient was screened, diagnosed, what records, patient discussion, diagnosis and treatment.

After Certification what do you mean ongoing support?

Questions are going to arise.  You and your team gets a dedicated mentor for your airway cases and HIPPA compliant Home Sleep Test Software. 

Is this going to be economical for my practice?

In your first month after certification you are equipped to do enough new Night Guards and Home Sleep Tests that will pay for your training plus some. 

What will I spend my time doing in your program?

You will get instant access to 3 key program elements.  Online learning (3 total hours of curriculum) Access to weekly Case Reviews and team training via zoom (1hour) and Patient interaction examples 

Why should my team and I get certification?

Inserting a Dental appliance is nothing new. There’s some important details to know the appliance you are using isn’t closing the airway.  After team certification we continue to provide relevant education and help share best practices in this team-driven approach. 

Who attends the case reviews?

The clinical team including the Doctor, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant and Treatment Coordinator.  Can’t make it live, get the recording and plan for the next one.  The goal = review cases like ones you’ll see in your office every day.

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