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Certification allows you to offer a comfortable night guard with airway promises.

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Designed for the Restorative Practice to Offer Airway Management through a Simple TMJ and Airway-Sleep Treatment.


What We Do

We certify you and your team and stay with you to help you succeed. 

Receive an office certification in the TAO Method™ to start offering a new healthy Night Gaurd with airway promises.


Our Approach

Our approach is to involve the whole team. 

Using a simple growth calculator, we review your current working systems and help you see how to include the existing team and and provide simple tools for each position.  We simplify the treatment with instructions on how to use the new healthy Night Guard for patients with signs and symptoms.

Practice Potential + Simplified Appliance certification + Team Implementation


Our Mission

Every Dental Practice is an airway practice.  You’re either opening or closing the airway.  With the new Healthy Night Guard, you can make airway first treatment planning decisions for more patients. 


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Earn While You Learn

The TAO Method™ is the diagnostic path and treatment journey for patients sitting in your practice right now who need your help!

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Certify your team in the TAO Method™.

Issue the new Night Guard with airway promises and Home Sleep Tests.


Treating Airway:  The Numbers

It’s no longer acceptable to prescribe the wrong Night Guard. 

$K Generated Annually

Dental Teams Trained


Patients with Airway Issues

Years Of Experience

The GPS™ Promise

1. We guide you every step of the way.
2. We give you everything you need from the beginning.
3. We help your ENTIRE team get on board.
4. We make the process clear, simple, and straightforward.
5. We make sure you always have access to support when needed.

It’s time for you and your patients to breathe easier. Today is the day to decide to be certified in The TAO method™.